Internationally renowned artists who have performed worldwide since 2006 and rank among the top three tango couples in the World Championships in both Tango Salon and Tango Stage.  They graduated from the ACETA School of Argentinean Tango where they studied with the great masters, of tango among others Carlitos & Rosa Perez, Vanessa Villalba & David Leguizamon. When they are in Buenos Aires they give private and group lessons in the most well-known schools in the city: for many years they were resident teachers at Carlos Copello's school and also taught at the "Escuela Argentina de Tango". They have performed in the most prestigous milongas in Buenos Aires, including Sunderland, La Baldosa, Salon Canning, Gricel and Porteno y Bailarin among others. They have given exhibitions with famous orchestras such as Color Tango and Orquesta de la ciudad de Buenos Aires and in important theatres, such as Piazzolla Tango, and shows, including in Cafe Tortoni. They were part of the tango companies "Society of Tango" by Natalia Hills and "Tangox2" by Miguel Angel Zotto and in 2012 formed their own company "Tango Rouge" which continues to enjoy international success.  Currently they are based in Salerno, Italy where they are artistic directors of Corazon al Sur Tango Club.  They are in high demand in festivals across Europe and are well known for their impressive teaching style and performances.

Two talented Argentinean dancers who started their artistic development at a young age: Marcelo in Argentinean folklore and Selva in classical ballet.  They met in the province of Cordoba in 2001 while dancing tango and have since dedicated their life to tango with art and discipline.  Having moved to Buenos Aires they took classes with some of the best tango teachers and in 2005 they moved to Barcelona and started performing in numerous countries including Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany and Algeria. In 2009 they were invited to be part of the tango company "Tango Express" and they performed to great acclaim in the "Tango Metropolis" show. Currently they are invited to give workshops and performances in many tango festivals worldwide such the Hamburg International Tango Festival, the Torino Anima Tango Festival and the Mallorca Tango Festival.  They are based in Torino as artistic directors and teachers of the most important school in the city, "Ateneo del Tango" de Aldobaraldo.  They are internationally recognised and in demand for their clear pedagogy and teaching structures that provide students with a high quality of learning and rich knowledge.

Successful young Argentine tango dancers, choreographers and teachers who have become known for their passion for teaching and dynamic and expressive performances. Over the last few years they have been invited to teach and perform across South & North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. They are currently based in the UK, with two thriving tango academies: The Northern Tango Academy and Oxford Tango Academy. Dante started tango in Jujuy, Argentina, where he also was studying ballet.  He has been teaching tango for over ten years and has become recognised for his clear explanations of tango movements and technique and in depth-teaching methods. Miriam trained for ten years as a professional ballet dancer and is also a qualified yoga teacher.  She fell in love with Argentine tango when she met Dante on her first visit to South America in 2007. They have been dancing and teaching together since and have been guest artists in tango schools, milongas and festivals across the world, including the Mallorca Tango Festival, Nottingham Tango Festival, Porto Tango Festival, Ulverston International Music Festival, Karlsruhe Festival, Che London Tango Festival and The International Book Fair Mexico 2015 as special guests representing the British Council. They have also been part of shows with important orchestras such as Tango Siempre, Aurora Orchestra and Daniel Melingo. They were finalists in the World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of Tango Salon (de pista) in 2015.